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                Home >touch screen lcd module > Small flat-panel TV LED LCD TV cognitive knowledge Weapon
                Small flat-panel TV LED LCD TV cognitive knowledge Weapon
                2011-12-11 by seoer1

                Replacement after wave after wave of the impact of TV, people s attention gradually shifted from PC to TV in years, and now we are working quietly to support low-carbon environment, even a small seat in a subway station elevator, go the extra times the corridor, but also the performance of low carbon environmental action. Well, for TV, the current energy saving in the case of more LED TV. In the end what is LED TV? LED TV s display is what classification? LED TV s merits and defects and in those areas? Let s look at it.
                In fact, the so-called LED TV, LED backlight is the material of the TV. The LED indicator is the Light Emitting Diode, is what we often say light-emitting diodes. Present material consists of LED backlight white LED backlight and RGB-LED backlight two. White backlight color is mixed, but no other wavelength values, so there will be a white LED color difference bias problem, and RGB-LED with red, green and blue light-emitting unit composed of three-color LED can be independently controlled light source, to full-color effect, in order to achieve more accurate color reproduction, and change emerged in better quality results.

                Currently, LED backlight TV is considered a new generation of  LCD supplier TV upgrade, due to texture, light, colorful, energy saving and other advantages, or will be able to effectively extend the LCD era of vitality, pilot a new generation of flat-panel TV market TV products. Relatively high cost of OLED TV, the production of large-size screen is still in the research stage, LED backlight LCD TV advantages. LED LCD TV products because of its light-emitting principle of specificity, and the machine in standby power consumption of the product power than LCD TVs with sizes of the degradation products are significantly more energy saving.

                It is reported that the first launch of LED backlight LCD TV is Sony, then, in the manufacture of flat panel TV has aroused strong concern, but also inspired a number of flat-panel TV manufacturers in the LED LCD TV product development enthusiasm in recent years, Skyworth, Samsung, Sharp and other companies in various exhibition to promote its LED LCD TV products. LED LCD TV market has entered the initial stage of germination. China s own brand Hisense, Skyworth, Changhong, Konka, TCL and Haier LED LCD TV to do better.
                In fact, many consumers may ask, since the LED TV with LED backlight, then the backlight in the end it is how to classify it? Next, let s take a look at let it.

                Currently, according to each type of LED backlight technology: the current can be divided into RGB-LED and white LED. The former use of the dynamic partitioning capabilities and backlight technology for the excellent three-color RGB LED light source, the color and contrast compared to the conventional backlight have a qualitative leap, it is usually applied to high-end TV products, generally cost $ 10 and above in 3W . The latter is the more common types of LED backlighting in notebooks and touch screen LCD module monitors are also used widely, usually white LED backlight intake from the edge of the display light, and RGB LED backlight and the back of the traditional direct is different.

                Divided according to location of the incident light source: LED backlight module according to the incident light into direct type and location of side-two categories can be divided into direct type RGB-LED, direct type white LED, white LED edge-lit and so on.

                RGB-LED and white LED s the difference: RGB LED color gamut performance was slightly better, disadvantage is the high cost, the price of television products the average consumer is still difficult to accept; and white LED light source, although less in the RGB color domain LED, but its relatively high contrast ratio and technology to bear the cost of RGB-LED can not be compared.

                Direct type with side-difference: LED edge-lit light source is given on both sides of the fuselage, built-in high light transmittance through the role of light guide plate, so that the light projected onto the panel. LCD is the maximum thickness limits the thickness of fluorescent side lights on either side of the projected position, making it the thickness of the space not occupied television.

                Compared with the side of the light source, direct type backlight LED backlight can be dynamically controlled, so that the performance of some dark scenes in the image, only need to adjust the backlighting of the necessary area (on the screen showed black or dark part) local lighting, which can show a chiaroscuro effect of the natural high-quality images.

                Objectively speaking, the location and source of each edge in technology. Through different choices, you can achieve different product demand. But now LED LCD TV is still in the introduction, direct type RGB LED is not on the whole better reflect costs. Therefore, the white LED edge-lit at this stage is a more reasonable solution.

                In fact, the real LED TV, LED should be used for direct imaging. Color LED display with R / G / B three LED tube to form a pixel, each pixel by controlling the light in the off, to achieve the image appears. The imaging principle and the same self-luminous plasma is very similar. At present, only the so-called LED TV LED lit screen with LCD TV, we call the LED backlight LCD TV.

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