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                17 Standard Screen Widescreen 19 who buy the most value
                2011-12-21 by seoer1

                Recent price increases have a small-size LCD, entry-level users to buy the 17 most common wide screen and 19 the price has been raised a lot. The current mainstream LCD screen 17 S & P price in 1400-1600 yuan, 19-inch widescreen LCD modules, priced at 1500-1700 yuan, while in 1600 the price of $ 17 on the S & P and 19-inch widescreen display has a number of products.

                The recent surge in small-size LCD prices

                Some users believe that than to buy 19 wide-screen 17 P values, because the 19-inch widescreen and down a lot less, but some users think is called a 19-inch widescreen viewing area is certainly big screen than the 17 S & P, and S & P to see a large wide screen than a lot of cool So buy 19 wide-screen value.

                19 widescreen ViewSonic VA1912wb and general screen LG L1719S 17 is almost the same price

                For users, the price range of 1,600 yuan to buy 17 P-screen LCD in the end value it? Or buy a 19-inch widescreen LCD cost-effective? This issue must also plagued many users, and today we have 17 on the market for the current screen and 19-inch widescreen general comparative analysis of two sizes, so that users know at the same price or choose to buy 17 P 19-inch widescreen display the most appropriate cost-effective.
                analysis and comparison of one: viewing area

                17 P-screen viewing area: 337.9mm × 270.3mm = 91334.37mm2 (mm);

                19-inch widescreen viewing area: 408.24mm × 255.15mm = 104162.436mm2 (mm);

                19-inch widescreen viewing area with 17 P-screen viewing area minus :104162.436-91334 .37 = 12828.066mm2 (mm), we can see 19-inch widescreen viewing area than in the general screen 17 per cent more 12,828 mm2 (about 128 cm2), with 128 cm2 more viewing area has more than enough.

                19 widescreen viewing screen than the 17 general area of more than 128 cm2

                Therefore, in contrast to the visual area in the 19-inch widescreen better, in the same price to buy 19 wide-screen to value some.

                analysis and comparison of two: panel prices

                From the latest Displaysearch point of view, the price panel screen and 19 17 P & P at the same screen at the lowest at $ 134, and the most in 19 bits wide price $ 139 to $ 137 17 P-screen difference between $ 2 Even at the highest 19 bits wide (143 dollars) but also more than 17 general screen ($ 139) high $ 4 only.


                17 P at the lowest bit and 19-inch widescreen display panel the same price

                Panel prices from the latest S & P, we can see 17 and 19 wide screen from not much difference in terms of cost, so common in the price to buy 17 wide-screen and 19 who who sold cheap to buy the best, the most cheap price of 17 P-screen 1,200 to 13,000 yuan, while the cheapest 19-inch widescreen 1,499 yuan, while the touch screen LCD module panel prices the same, but none of the manufacturers hit 1299 yuan of 19-inch widescreen, from this perspective if only Blind pursuit of price to buy 17 more appropriate number of common screen.

                analysis and comparison of three: play games

                The current popular mainstream games, the latest games can be good support for widescreen, the latest of the "Lost Planet", "PES 2008", "BioShock" and so on widescreen resolution available to the players, the player can adjust the settings in the game The best resolution widescreen.

                The latest games can provide wide-screen resolution

                But still there are many gamers like to play some classic games, and some players like to play simulator, and most of these players is to play a variety of models of simulators, and EA series games, classic games such As introduced earlier time, because it did not also did not provide widescreen LCD widescreen mode, so if using widescreen LCD screen will be stretched.

                Some classic old games do not support widescreen mode

                Because people like to play each game is different, so here we can only say that like to play classic games you can buy 17 general screen, and like to play this popular game and some new games that we recommend users to buy 19 wide-screen.

                analysis and comparison of four: the movies

                Undoubtedly the most appropriate to see a large widescreen

                Surely not too much to see a large area analysis, the proportion of current popular videos are 16:9, widescreen LCD with this area is clearly the most suitable for home users, so often choose to see a large 19-inch widescreen certainly right. 17 the other hand, is more suitable for general display area of the office.

                analysis and comparison of five: Pitch / resolution

                17 general screen dot pitch 0.264mm, 19 widescreen dot pitch 0.2835mm, the smaller the dot pitch screen means more fine-grained, with more than 17 general-screen 19-inch widescreen display more pixels (screen resolution, 17 P of 1280 × 1024 = 1310720 pixels, while the 19-inch widescreen resolution is 1440 × 900 = 1296000 pixels), so the 17 general screen in the actual use widescreen than 19 font looks smaller and more precise number.

                17 general use than the 19-inch widescreen display of some fine

                So pitch / resolution comparison of the screen like we recommend users to buy 17 more sophisticated general screen, and like to see slightly larger font we recommend users to buy 19 wide-screen.

                Editorial comment:

                Through our comparative analysis of five, I believe the majority of users of 17 P and 19 wide screen specifications, parameters have a detailed understanding, the pursuit of 1200-1300 yuan price range for now can only buy a 17 P-screen (currently 19 widescreen do not at this price range). But at the same price area we recommend users to buy 19 wide-screen. Compared with the general screen widescreen is the biggest advantage of the human eye's visual proportion of gold, so we recommend considering the purchase of 19 wide-screen (screen of some 17 general price more expensive than the 19-inch widescreen), but ultimately depends on individual needs, we do not recommend users to buy blind.

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