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                首页>standard lcd module

                standard lcd module

                Welcome to our product page of standard lcd module, in which you can find detailed information of standard lcd module.We are manufacturer and supplier of standard lcd module. We have rich experience in manufacturing standard lcd module. From raw materials to finished products, we strictly control every production step. We dedicate ourselves to manufacture and supply of standard lcd module with nice service.
                If you need standard lcd module,please email us.

                "standard lcd module"

                1.16*2字符液晶 2.并口通讯,3.3V/5V供电可选 3.黄绿模式和蓝模∴式可选
                1. 20*2字符液晶 2. 并口通讯 3. 黄◆绿模式和蓝模式可选
                1.128*64点阵 2.3.3V/5V供电可选 3.带温※度补偿可选,内①置升压电路☉ 4.使用温度:-28—+70度
                1.128*64点阵 2.带温度补偿◤可选,内置升压电路 3.黄绿模∩式和蓝模式可选 4.使用温度:-28--+70度
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